Treatment provided at Dr. Mamatha's Homeo Clinic is highly individualized and is tailored to suit each individual patient based on the principles of homeopathy. The aim is to provide rapid, gentle & permanent restoration of health with out causing any kind of ill effects.
Diseases that can be treated with homeopathy:
  • Abortions; Tendency for abortions, cervical incompetence.
  • Allergy; all types of allergies including, food allergy, dust allergy, milk protein allergy, wheat protein allergy, pollen allergies can be treated successfully.
  • Patients with Asthma & Chronic bronchitis, long standing coughs & colds have found long lasting relief.
  • Complaints of Bones, joints and muscles;Arthritis of all kinds like rheumatoid/rheumatic can be treated with homeopathy. Even viral arthralgia/ arthritis can be treated successfully.
  • Complaints of Gastro intestinal Tract (GIT);
  • Repeated mouth ulcers, hyper acidity, peptic ulcers, erosions of esophagus & stomach. Irritable bowel syndrome, amoebiasis & constipation can be cured successfully with homeopathy.
  • Problems of Menstruation : Dysmenorrhoea(painful menstruation), premenstrual syndrome, excessive/ scanty/ irregular bleeding can be treated effectively and your menstruation period could be made very comfortable.
  • Problems during menopause like hot flushes,irritability,migraines, can be effectively treated to smoothly move along the natural phases of life.
  • Fibroids when treated homeopathically can reduce in size and disappear totally with out any surgery.
  • Patients with PCOD (polycystic ovarian disorder)  have found a very good response in homeopathic treatment. 
  • Patients with hypothyroidism   have been successfully treated with homeopathy. Hypothyroidism is a condition in which thyroid gland produces less hormones than the need of our body. You can stimulate the gland to produce hormones in the normal level with homeopathic treatment.